Hello, world!

Paladins Sidekick is a Discord bot who's sole focus is to help you, the player, get better insight into your stats, matches, friends, and who you're currently playing against.

Paladins Sidekick is currently in beta testing phase. We make no gurantees about the stability of the bot.

Player Stats

Wanna know when your account was registered? Don't know the last time your friend got online? Forget how much TP you have? Easy to find out.

Current Match

Just get in a match and wanna know how the two teams stacks up against each other? Don't you worry, we got you covered.

Automatic Party Channels

Are you a server owner that wants to encourage people to party up? We got you covered. With our automanaged voice channels, you can have an nth amount of channels for users to join, automatically.

Relationships (Friends/Blocked)

Find out who you are friends with and find out who you have blocked.

Player Search

Find a player across all platforms by a simple name search. You can find their id to use in all of our other commands.

Rank-Role Sync

Another feature of Sidekick is that we can automatically manage the roles of your players as long as they're linked to Sidekick. You can show off your in game rank with a special role on the server.

Match History

Find out the general status of the previous matches a player has particpated in. You'll also get the match IDs to do further analysis with.

Match Information

Get in detail statistics about the match and the match players. This can include damage done, shielding done, healing done, damage taken, etc.

Champion Stats

Wanna know how many hours you've spent playing Furia? What about your KDR on Jenos? We got you covered.